Smart refrigerators for medications


Why choose Unifrigor Med for your pharmacy fridge?

Medical refrigerators are essential elements to ensure the conservation of medicines.

The correctness of administration and, above all, the effectiveness of the medicine itself essentially depend on the systems responsible for low temperature storage.

The choice of the company is therefore a moment of extreme importance, because it affects not only the immediate purchase, but also the life and functioning of the appliance in the long term.

Unifrigor Med professionals, thanks to high-level technical skills and many years of experience in the field, are able to offer the customer a qualified service and complete after-sales assistance.

Generations of experts

As anticipated, the long experience in the field of medicine refrigerators has allowed the experts to equip themselves with a highly respectable professional background.

Specifically, the Lupano family has been operating in the field of medical preservation devices for over 60 years.

Since the company was founded, customer satisfaction has always been the driving force behind the business, characterized by a constantly evolving approach to manufacturing.

The careful study of market needs has over time become the best tool for capturing the requests of potential buyers, transforming the commercial proposal into the perfect response to any type of need.

All this has allowed Unifrigor Med to expand its horizons beyond national borders, to become a solid international reality in the field of medical refrigerators.


As the years have passed and technology has advanced, the pharmaceutical refrigerator sector has also had to deal with progress.

Unifrigor Med immediately understood how new digital discoveries could make a difference, so much so that it based the entire production method in this sense.

Thanks to a system called Toyota Production System (TPS), the company guarantees the customer a highly efficient and high-performance production division throughout the entire supply chain.

The company’s flagship is undoubtedly the IoTty Green line, totally designed by Unifrigor Med professionals.

Thanks to a network connection, each parameter of the refrigerator can be monitored and modified if necessary, guaranteeing the owner and assistance targeted and effective control.

In fact, in the event of problems and malfunctions, it is possible to intervene promptly to restore the operation of the device, without this causing damage to the medicines stored inside it.

Likewise, the safety of administration itself is ensured by the IoTty system, which constantly follows every moment of the life of the medical refrigerator.

A look at the environment

Environmental protection is an important segment of Unifrigor Med’s business.

All the appliances are in fact equipped with ecological gas (r290a or r600), in full compliance with the provisions contained in the Montreal protocol.

The technologies installed and the use of ecological gas compressors guarantee significant savings in terms of consumption, while also reducing the level of noise pollution.

Relying on Unifrigor Med specialists therefore means being able to count on an experienced and competent team, which has taken advantage of past teachings, projecting the company into the future of sector technology.


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