Smart refrigerators for medications


How you can save from 400 to 800 euros on electricity bills with a modern refrigerator for medicines and medicines

The purchase of a medical refrigerator brings various issues to the table, including that of energy consumption. A medical refrigerator needs to always remain in operation: this is why it is necessary to pay close attention to what the energy savings could be when choosing between an iotty inverter model or a classic model.

How to save. Certainly by purchasing medical refrigerators suitable for the purpose. Which? Those from the latest generation IoTty range.

What it’s about. IoTty technology is that of the so-called intelligent refrigerators, with an integrated inverter system. This not only lowers the amount of noise produced to just 42db, thus improving working conditions, but it is also possible to regulate the management of energy consumption.

Savings on energy bills. With IoTty machines, it is possible to manage energy consumption with excellent results. How? By adapting engine power and speed to the temperature variations automatically recorded by the machine. In this way it is possible to go from a daily consumption of 3.55 kwh/day of a classic refrigerator to that of 0.736 kwh/day of an iotty refrigerator. This results in savings of 400 to 800 euros per year. Furthermore, with the incentives for industry 4.0 it is possible to recover 20% of the expense for the purchase of smart refrigerators in three years through tax credit concessions.

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