Smart refrigerators for medications

Sales of Medical Refrigerators

Sales of Medical Refrigerators

We oversee the entire process, from consultation to post-sales support.


Our goal is to assist you in selecting the most suitable refrigerator for your needs.


After placing the order, our sales office provides an order confirmation specifying all customer details and delivery times. Along with the order confirmation, a checklist of all requested services is also sent.


Once the refrigerator is ready, and payment is made, we proceed with the shipment.


Our courier will call to arrange the day and time for unloading. The courier will unpack, position, and start the refrigerator. If requested, they will also handle the disposal of the old unit, which can be done simultaneously or at a later time.


We provide free assistance for 2 years on spare parts and labor. For INVERTER compressors, the warranty is 5 years. UnifrigorMed assistance is carried out by one of our specialized technicians or by one of our authorized service centers. Following the service, a report of what has been identified and repaired is issued.

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