Smart refrigerators for medications


The international character of Unifrigor Med medicine refrigerators

In addition to its important presence on the national market, Unifrigor Med has always tried to conquer the foreign market as well.

In recent years, the company’s commitment to achieving the goal has seen it take part in important international trade fairs, such as Pharmagora in Paris.

In addition, a vast network of distributors, well placed in the territory, is entrusted with the task of consolidating and expanding the company’s position beyond the Italian borders as much as possible.

The European markets are today one of the main goals to be achieved and the company’s experts know well that the high professionalism that distinguishes the Unifrigor Med team is the winning card in guaranteeing unprecedented expansion of the products.

However, the great commitment made in the sector goes hand in hand with the technological advancement of production, constantly listening to national and international needs.

In addition, the international nature of the reference market only gives conservation systems greater value in terms of reliability.


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