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The Company


is the first company in Italy to produce "INTELLIGENT" medication refrigerators that save time and money for pharmacists! We have been manufacturing refrigerators for over 60 years.

We have been manufacturing refrigerators for over 60 years.

The Lupano family has always been dedicated to the production of refrigerators. From the post-war period to today, in two generations, UNIFRIGOR has evolved its range of products with constant innovation. Building on the experience of Giovanni Lupano, the company’s founder, his children, Raffaella and Massimo Lupano, are now leading the company, adapting it to the demands of modern times.

UNIFRIGOR was born in 1959 from an idea of its founder, Giovanni Lupano. Initially, it produced refrigerators for the emerging industrial ice cream sector. Today, Massimo and Raffaella Lupano carry on the tradition, adapting it to the needs of modern times. Unifrigor Med was created to meet the needs of the medical world.

Starting in 2015, when pharmacies in Italy were liberalized, we witnessed a surge in sales. Through positive word-of-mouth, the number of pharmacies becoming our customers has grown by 50%. The production division is also highly innovative, thanks to the TPS (Toyota Production System) production system, which ensures maximum efficiency throughout the production process.

Today, we can proudly say that we are at the forefront of Internet of Things refrigerators dedicated to the medical sector.

Regarding the commercial aspect, we have always been present in both the Italian and international markets. In recent years, we have actively participated in various international sector fairs, including Cosmofarma in Bologna and Pharmagora in Paris, either directly or through our distributors.

Our Mission

To provide our customers with the best product, both in terms of quality and innovation, according to their specific requirements.

Our Vision

To expand our UnifrigorMed Medical Division as much as possible in European markets to provide innovative services in a sector where high professionalism is required.


Raffaella Lupano

Unifrigor Raffaella lupano - produzione e vendita frigoriferi per farmacie moderne

Raffaella Lupano

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During these first 10 years in the medical sector, we have received widespread acclaim. We are present in 4 countries: Italy, France, Switzerland, and Spain


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Guaranteed Savings

for a Green Future

Unifrigor Med is environmentally conscious.

All our refrigerators are equipped with eco-friendly gases such as r290a or r600, complying with the Montreal Protocol, which prohibits gases containing CFC. Eco-friendly gases do not contain CFC, which are harmful to our global ozone layer and potent greenhouse gases responsible for global warming.

Our refrigerators, equipped with inverter technology and LED lighting, provide significant energy savings, amounting to approximately €230 per year, as calculated in our laboratory. Furthermore, thanks to the UNIDROID electronic card, you can adjust the lighting based on the pharmacy’s opening hours, or the light turns on when the pharmacist opens the door.

We have also conducted a thorough study of noise pollution, and thanks to the use of state-of-the-art electronic components, the noise level of our refrigerators is comparable to that in a bedroom at night or the sound of falling leaves in autumn.