Smart refrigerators for medications

Energy Savings and safety

Energy Savings and HACCP

Time and Resource Optimization

Smart refrigerators for medicines and pharmaceuticals from Unifrigor Med allow for savings ranging from 200 to 800 Euros and up to 100 hours per year in HACCP procedures.
How is this possible?

Pharmacists are well aware that with older-style refrigerators, they have to manually monitor the fridge temperatures and fill out a table every day. We have calculated that these tasks take up about 100 hours a year. With our controlled temperature refrigerators, there is no need to fill out temperature sheets anymore.

Now, thanks to an unlimited archive containing all the temperatures and alarms recorded during the life of the refrigerator, it is possible to eliminate the standard HACCP procedure, which will be replaced by a kind of digital self-control manual accessible anytime and anywhere.

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Industry 4.0 Safety System

Trust the safe storage of medicines to Unifrigor Med's IoTty medical refrigerators.

In our IoTty medical refrigerators, there is a sophisticated UNIDROID card that allows the pharmacist to connect the refrigerator to the internet via an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi access. In this way, the device’s parameters can always be monitored even remotely, through real and continuous monitoring, which allows for instant modification if necessary.

In addition to user actions, Unifrigor Med experts are also actively involved in managing the refrigerator, ensuring a valuable remote assistance service designed to facilitate the timely resolution of issues related to the operation of the refrigeration appliance.

Video - Industry 4.0 Safety System