Smart refrigerators for medications


Classic Medical Refrigerator

The Classic line, created several years ago to meet the needs of the medical world, is aimed at customers who want a basic but reliable product.

The refrigerator from the Classic line is equipped with:

  • An HACCP thermostat with a digital display that shows the time and temperature with a precision of one-tenth of a degree (0.1°).
  • A system that detects high temperature, low temperature, and blackout alarms.
  • Visual and acoustic alarm signaling.
  • A provision for remote alarm signaling through a clean contact (optional) that provides all the necessary security for the storage of any type of medicine.

It does not come with a 7-inch touchscreen like the IoTty range.

By pressing the HACCP button, you can consult the list of the last 20 recorded alarms, along with the time of the alarm occurrence and its duration.

The thermostat has an infrared communication system, so with the use of a specific data collection device, which also operates with infrared rays, you can download data related to any alarms that have occurred since the last time the data was downloaded.

The device can store downloaded data for up to 40 devices before you are required to print or delete them.

An open-door alert is included as standard in all our products.


360° Support - Our After-Sales Service

In case of any anomalies, they will contact you by phone or email to resolve the issue. We also offer a bi-annual check of the refrigerator’s proper operation by one of our specialized technicians and monthly reports on temperature and any alarms.