Smart refrigerators for medications

Inverter Technology and Assistance

Quietness of Inverter Refrigerators

Inverter Technology

To ensure high performance, Unifrigor Med’s smart refrigerators for medicines and pharmaceuticals use inverter technology.

The peculiarity of devices equipped with this system is contained within them. In these devices, the mechanical components originally present in standard models are replaced by electronic elements.

The main advantages of this replacement intervention are essentially twofold:

  • Reduction in the noise produced by the refrigerator.
  • Better management of energy consumption.

Video - Quietness

Frigoriferi per farmaci: il valore dell’assistenza post vendita

24/7 Assistance

24/7 Assistance

Unifrigor Med guarantees a fast 24/7 assistance service, 7 days a week, thanks to the toll-free number 800 955 089. But that’s not all. Regarding the IoTty Green line, our after-sales service, in addition to always ensuring remote parameter control and modification, has created various assistance packages to cover every type of need. HACCP EASY Measuring the ambient temperature of the pharmacy is no longer a problem! With a sensor integrated into the IoTty medical refrigerator, we measure the ambient temperature every 30 minutes and make available a PDF and CSV file with all the temperatures, both in the environment and inside the refrigerator, for the entire life of the refrigerator, free of charge on our portal.