Smart refrigerators for medications

Is your pharmacy's refrigerator consuming too much energy?

Save €200 to €800 on energy bills and 100 hours of HACCP compliance per year with the first "smart" medication refrigerator! Learn more.

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Pharmacists can now save on energy consumption and eliminate worries about temperature management and fluctuations.

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Smart refrigerators for medications

Unifrigor Med specializes in designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art intelligent 4.0 medication refrigerators for cutting-edge pharmacies.

We are the first company in Italy to produce “smart” medication refrigerators that save time and money for pharmacists! We design and manufacture (not just assemble) various models of refrigerators for storing medications, vaccines, and other medical products, as well as freezers for those with food intolerances. What sets UnifrigorMed models apart is their “intelligence,” as they are based on Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Furthermore, thanks to home automation, you can view and modify refrigerator information from anywhere and at any time via the internet. They are self-sufficient, requiring no extra costs or intervention. UnifrigorMed also offers 24/7 remote assistance.


They do not require your intervention nor incur additional expenses.

Home Automation

They are equipped with a home automation system and remote control capabilities, and they are extremely quiet.

24-Hour Assistance

Furthermore, UnifrigorMed guarantees remote assistance 24/7.

The most recent and innovative is the range of refrigerators for medications named IoTty Green, entirely designed and produced in our plant. IoTty is a term of endearment for IoT (Internet of Things), and Green refers to ecology as we use completely ecological gases.
The second range, named Classic, was designed several years ago to meet the basic needs of pharmacists and medical users in general. All audible and visual alarms are guaranteed in case of refrigerator malfunction, ensuring medications are stored safely.

Our Refrigerators

Our products are categorized based on the type of content that is placed inside them, thus we have refrigerators for medications and freezers for those with food intolerances.

Both of our product lines come with a wide range of accessories.

The accessories are divided into internal accessories, which are mandatory and are the equipment, such as drawers and/or shelves, or they are functional accessories that modify the product’s features.

Refrigerators for medications

Unifrigor Med offers a specialized range of refrigerators designed to store various types of medical products, maintaining temperatures between +2/+4°C for medications and -25°C for biological samples. Our products range in size from 140 to 1420 liters, catering to the needs of both small rural pharmacies and large urban hospitals.

Refrigerators for Intolerances

Additionally, Unifrigor Med produces refrigerators for those with food intolerances, maintaining temperatures of -15/-25°C. In both cases, the sizes vary from 140 liters (less than 1 meter tall) to 1420 liters (2 meters tall with a double door).


Raffaella Lupano, Unifrigor:

Our Intelligent Medication Refrigerators




Intelligent, Safe, Interactive

The fundamental features that medication refrigerators must have are dictated by current regulations, such as the EU Community Guideline CPMP/QWP609/96, which specifies the need to store medications at temperatures ranging from 2 to 8°C, without freezing the product inside the refrigerator (as this would render the medication ineffective).

Additionally, every pharmacy must maintain a daily temperature record of the refrigerator for medications. For this reason, we recommend our professional medication refrigerator line, IoTty, which automatically records all temperatures every 30 minutes and instantly alerts via phone call or email in case of any anomalies.

Freezers for those with food intolerances follow HACCP guidelines used for food, which our devices naturally comply with (the most important aspect being that the temperature is visible from the outside with a digital thermostat).

Our range of refrigerators, both for medications and food, features an innovative system designed in-house, allowing an average annual energy cost savings of €200 to €800 and a noise level of 44 dB, equivalent to the noise perceived at night in your bedroom. Our strengths include more control, green technology, and remote assistance.

Our Strengths

IoTty refrigerators, being connected to the internet, are controllable from any computer or smartphone. The system also sends free phone calls and emails in case of anomalies, ensuring maximum security.

Additionally, our technical office receives anomaly messages from all connected refrigerators, further enhancing customer safety.

The synergy of IoT technology and the latest generation inverter compressors using eco-friendly gases allows us to embrace the GREEN philosophy to the fullest. Energy consumption is reduced by €200 to €500 annually compared to a similar refrigerator without this technology. Noise levels are further reduced to 44 dB. Not to forget, we already use the new eco-friendly gas, which will be mandatory starting in 2022.

Thanks to the remote connection of the IoTty line, refrigerators can be monitored from a distance, making it possible to adjust parameters in case of anomalies. In cases of pandemics or extraordinary events, there is an additional layer of product security. Unifrigor Med may be distant, but always close.

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Unifrigor - Save €200 to €800 a Year on Energy with Intelligent Iotty Refrigerators

The rising cost of utility bills has impacted Italian pharmacies, with increases of 3 to 4 times the previous year’s average. More pharmacy owners are turning to “intelligent” refrigerators for medication and vaccine storage, which not only provide numerous security, reliability, and noise reduction advantages but also offer energy savings.

I can only speak positively about it. We were efficiently and kindly assisted with a technical issue with the refrigerator we were using in our pharmacy. On this occasion, we had the opportunity to learn more about Unifrigor products and the people who work within the company. Mrs. Raffaela, in particular, was always kind and patient with the many questions I had, and Mr. Pasientin Adriano solved our refrigerator's technical problem. Therefore, our assessment is super positive.

Pharmacy Del Molino

We had an extremely noisy refrigerator that was over twenty years old and often required repairs. While browsing the web, Unifrigor Med's IoTty Green refrigerator immediately caught our attention. After a few phone calls and email exchanges, we decided to make the purchase, one of the best decisions we've ever made. Aside from its attractive appearance, it is exceptionally quiet and has the added benefit of internet connectivity, guaranteeing 24/7 assistance. Well-deserved 5 stars.

Dr. Alessandro Quercioli

Pharmacy Quercioli

I was looking for a new refrigerator because the two-temperature one I had was outdated and needed a motor replacement. Your email intrigued me with the idea that having a two-temperature fridge was almost pointless. I visited your website and contacted you. I liked your products, the courtesy, and the prices, so I went ahead and purchased the standard model 450. Honestly, in the first few days, I was baffled because the open door indicator continued to sound. However, the issue was quickly resolved by your technician, who replaced a faulty part. Since then, there have been no more issues, and we are satisfied, mainly because it is quite spacious. For now, my rating is 4/5.

Farmacia Morini

My refrigerator was getting old, and I came across Unifrigor Med at Cosmofarma. From the start, it seemed like a serious company, respectful of agreed-upon deadlines, and capable of recommending the most suitable product for the buyer's work reality. I rate it 5 because the product is genuinely excellent, and the company is reliable. Best regards

Dr. Fosca Morali - Pharmacy Cappuccini, Genova."

I had a somewhat dated and very noisy refrigerator that I was considering replacing. By chance, I read your email, which intrigued me. I contacted you, and Mr. Michelone, a very pleasant and knowledgeable person, came to illustrate the IoTty model with digital temperature discharge directly onto the portal, along with a host of other functions. I visited your company, where I met Ms. Lupano, a co-owner of the company, a splendid and kind person, and I purchased this Maserati of refrigerators. Their technician, Mr. Piasentin, a highly skilled and infinitely patient individual, remotely guided me through the Wi-Fi digital installation of the fridge. It's a shame he doesn't make pizza because it really does everything: temperature download, 10-year storage, door open alerts, emails, phone calls, LED color changes. Truly an excellent purchase, I recommend it to everyone.

Dr. Roberto Torelli - Pharmacy Nostra Signora Assunta, Genova

The refrigerator is reliable, beautiful, spacious, and remotely monitorable. The assistance for any need is very helpful, precise, technically well-prepared, and always available. Maria Gillone - Pharmacy Annunziata.

Maria Gillone - Pharmacy Annunziata

Courtesy, professionalism, availability, product quality, and a high-quality price ratio. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Pharmacy Mendola Cristina - Enna.

Excellent, high-quality materials, ingenious drawer attachment system, a product of absolute reliability due to an old purchase still in operation! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Pharmacy Farm. Antonia Dr. Giannone.

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