Smart refrigerators for medications


What mistakes to avoid when purchasing a pharmacy refrigerator

Buying a medical refrigerator is far from easy. In fact, it is not easy to choose among the many proposals on the market. The various alternatives can certainly generate confusion in the potential buyer, who needs some tools to best identify the product that best suits the needs of his pharmacy.

What to evaluate. There are many aspects to evaluate and it is not always easy to know and interpret every single detail. It is therefore necessary to rely on a serious company even before choosing the model of refrigerator to purchase.

Unifrigor Med’s advice. The guide proposed by Unifrigor Med aims to provide the potential buyer with all the useful elements to be able to make an informed choice.

Useful elements to consider. First of all, the temperature. Keeping the temperature stable is an essential requirement because drugs and vaccines are irreparably damaged by the freezing process which determines the loss of effectiveness of medical compounds. This information highlights the importance of having a refrigerator capable of continuously tracking the internal temperature, making any operating anomalies immediately visible. In these cases, smart refrigerators are programmed to act promptly, counteracting the malfunction thanks to immediate remote assistance, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Single temperature. Unifrigor Med recommends purchasing a refrigerator with a single temperature of +2/+8 °C as the community guideline CPMP/QWP609/96 does not require additional storage temperatures. We recommend a model with a double compressor but not only a double electronic, thermodynamic etc circuit (2 refrigerators in 1) but a single temperature to have maximum protection of the drugs.

The oscillations. It is essential to purchase a system that ensures minimal oscillations between the highest and lowest points of the refrigerator. Inverter technology guarantees this characteristic thanks to a motor that works by raising or lowering the number of revolutions, so as to keep the oscillations within the permitted range of + / – 3° C.

The alarm for anomalies. The refrigerator for storing medicines must be equipped with an alarm system to report anomalies. It must also avoid freezing by immediately stopping the engine if the temperature exceeds 0°C.

Self-cleaning system. A functional refrigerator contains a self-cleaning static condenser system, which avoids the need for maintenance and management costs, as instead happens in models with SIM cards or Cloud subscriptions.

Regarding the HACCP documentation. To save time when compiling HACCP documentation, the refrigerator must have an unlimited archive of all recorded temperatures and alarms, easily accessible at any time and place.

Energy consumption. Energy consumption must be less than 0.7 Kwh per day and the noise level of the appliance must not exceed 42 Db.

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