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We never abandon you in times of need, after-sales assistance on pharmacy refrigerators

Customer service has always been a strong point of UNIFRIGOR MED. Selling a product is everyone’s business, but knowing how to accompany those who have purchased well even after-sales is a plus that should not be underestimated.

Unifrigor Med assistance. In the field of medical refrigerators, Unifrigor Med is a leader not only in sales, but also in customer assistance. Supporting the buyer with regards to delicate and precious equipment such as medical refrigerators is certainly a strong point that must be carefully considered at the time of purchase. Unifrigor Med is all this, with its tailor-made assistance proposals. The company has in fact developed a 360-degree assistance system to ensure the customer is able to promptly restore the functionality of the appliance in the event of a fault or malfunction.

Immediate support. The assistance service offered by Unifrigor Med is aimed at total customer support, who can count on the professionalism of an expert and available team. In fact, in the event of a breakdown or malfunction of the appliance, the company will immediately entrust the task to an authorized assistance center or a specialized technician, who will identify the problem and resolve it in the shortest possible time, ensuring recovery. of the conservation system. Upon completion of the assistance service, the specialized technicians will issue the customer a report with all the details of the intervention, from diagnostics to the repairs carried out.

The particularity. All Unifrigor Med medical refrigerators are equipped with advanced home automation, an innovation that allows technicians to remotely monitor every parameter of the appliance to be able to act if necessary even without being physically on site.

Furthermore, refrigerators that have anomalous graphs and on which it is advisable to intervene early are automatically reported.

The three assistance packages. With the purchase of a Unifrigor Med medical refrigerator the customer will receive a free assistance service on spare parts and labor lasting 2 years, while for the Inverter compressor the warranty is extended to 5 years. At the end of the indicated period, the customer will be able to purchase an additional service to continue benefiting from the company’s technical support. You can choose between three packages.

Basic. This first package includes remote control, remote parameter modification and the telephone call or sending of an email to the user by the technical service.

Medium. In the second package, in addition to the services of the Basic program, on-site assistance is provided and, if necessary, the replacement of the defective part.

Premium. It is the most complete assistance service: it contains all the benefits of the previous packages and also includes on-site checks and preventive maintenance by a specialized company technician, who will carry out the intervention once a year. Unifrigor Med customers will thus be able to count on the parent company 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For further information contact Unifrigor Med, Strada SS 31 del Monferrato, 22, 15040 Occimiano Industrial Zone – Alessandria. Telephone  +39 0142.809256.

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