Smart refrigerators for medications


How to store your medicines and vaccines in the pharmacy safely without wasting time even if you are not computer experts

The anti-Covid vaccines have brought to general attention the importance of their conservation at a very low temperature (-60° / -90° C). But professionals know well how important the conservation of medicines is, regardless of the advent of the pandemic.

How conservation works. Medicines, today as before Covid, must be stored at a controlled temperature between 2° and 8° C, with all the controls required by law. To ensure correct conservation, refrigerators must be equipped with alarm mechanisms that can be activated in the event of a fault and/or anomalous variations in temperature (maintaining the indicated interval is essential to maintain the effectiveness and safety of medicines and vaccines), interruption of the electricity supply, opening of the door. The correct functioning of the refrigerators must be demonstrated with a daily register, in which the pharmacist must record at least one temperature of the medicine refrigerator per day.

Covid and the consequences. What has really changed with Covid are the limitations imposed by the law that have been imposed to control the spread of the disease, and which have made it much more difficult to ensure the correct storage of medicines. Important help has come from smart refrigerators. Today, with the Internet of Things, it is possible to control them even from afar, through a simple internet connection.

What Unifrigor Med offers. Precisely what the range of IoTty professional refrigerators for medicines from Unifrigor Med offers, which among other things, in the event of an anomaly, alerts the customer with a phone call or an email. The same information also reaches the assistance center, which can intervene remotely at any time. Furthermore, the IoTty system automatically records temperatures every 30 minutes, thus allowing you to comply with the checks to be carried out while saving around 100 hours of work per year. And with this range of refrigerators, monthly cleaning will no longer be necessary.

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